Mouthful of Goose

goose coverHave you ever been curious what happens behind the scenes of a theatrical production? What do the actor’s talk about? Where do the costumes live? And does everyone really get along?

A Mouthful of Goose: backstage stories from A Christmas Carol is your VIP pass to the world of theatre left unspoken.

You’ll enter the realm of A Christmas Carol and view the backstage through my eyes and experiences. During four Christmas seasons, I styled wigs and worked on the crew of this holiday tradition. The stories you find in this book are conversations, traditions, and events that make this particular production come alive.

Audiences watching the play aren’t the only ones who have fun during the show. Cast and crew run through their nightly dance dodging costumes, ducking scenery, and feasting on holiday delicacies. The camaraderie is thick and the air is rich with laughter, jokes, and danger?

You be the judge in this holiday collection that is sure to have you reaching for that second cup of egg nog and pulling your chair closer to the fire.

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